Hi, my name is Mikaela and this is Iron + Glass.

My husband, Gavin and I were sitting in my moms living room packing up my old stuff because we were about to move from California to Oregon. We were moving so that I could continue school at Portland State getting my Bachelors degree. We were going through some of my boxes from middle school, when I found some iron wire and glass beads. I had the urge to create something with it. Well... five tripsĀ  to my local craft store later (the same day), and I knew my life was changed forever. A little iron and glass ignited a flame in me that has now turned into wildfire.
I hope to use this humble passion of mine to not only make affordable, hand-made jewelry that actually means something while supporting my family, but to also make the world a better place by using my voice, platform, and profits to advocate with and donate to causes and communities that matter.

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